Mozilla Awareness Booth @ North South University

To promote Mozilla and Firefox for WIndows 10 Campaign, North South University Firefox Club approached to organize Mozilla Awareness Booth @ North South University so that they can reach the students of the university and talk about the community and share the love they bear for firefox!

We started the booth with tables, having Mozilla written cloth. When we were preparing for booth, people were standing in front of us and waiting for us to finish preparing the booth. We started talking to them and replying their queries.

We talked about Mozilla and Mozilla’s mission and how we are connected towards everyone. We talked about Open web vision and our care for the web.

The crowd was huge, we were crowded by huge number of people. We were really enthusiastic seeing the response from them.

People were interested in not only about Firefox but also other products like Thunderbird and Firefox OS.

Day was going and we were really getting warmness by peoples attention.

We talked about other projects like MDN, Webmaker and FSA.

We recognized few people by stickers and badges according to their interest level and knowledge.

At 5 PM, We ended the event. Though, there had been chances for many more people to come, but we were almost tired after talking to so many people. But we were happy to talk to more than 200 people with this booth and the response from people were amazing. It really helped us to learn many things.

For more pictures of this event, please visit this Flickr Link.

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