Mozilla Awareness Event @ Eastern University

Eastern University is one of the newly established but prominent going university in the city. But we were unable to start our activity there. Few days ago, I received interest from Saudur Rahman and Saddam Hossain to host a event in the university. As, there had not been any events earlier and also, I was planning for doing events to support Firefox for Windows 10 Community Activation Campaign, I added in my plan to host a Mozilla Awareness Program @ Eastern University.

As this was our first approach in that university, at the begining, I started talking about Mozilla, and it’s mission and why we are working as a community, to support Mozilla!

I was talking in front of good number of people who were listening about Mozilla for the first time. Like everyone else, they also knew Mozilla was a browser 😉

To initiate more talks, We showed some interesting videos like “The Web we want”. It seems, they were enjoying.

I try to talk more about volunteer opportunities and all the activities we do as community. I from my part, tried to answer their questions. After that, I tried to talk about new changes in Firefox in Windows 10. After that, I showed them, how to set Firefox to the default browser.

I then requested, Saddam Hosain to talk to the people for more opportunities in coming days from our community! He shared his vision for coming days with Mozilla Community.

After that, there was some swag distribution. And, at the end, we took a group photo.

More pictures of this event can be found in Flickr.

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