Mozilla Awareness Program @ BSK

Firefox for Windows 10 Campaign was one of the coolest campaign that I worked on so far. It gave me the opportunity, to organize near about 20 events and promote Mozilla in various university throughout the country! But it was my plan to host event, in an open space with allowance for everyone. I mean, whoever is interested to know about Mozilla can join the event. So, I along with some community contributor organized Mozilla Awareness Program @ BSK where we invited people from different places and institutions to talk about Mozilla!

As it was not a regular type event, we made it a little different. We asked everyone to create a group and make activity around their group.

After that, I started talking about Mozilla and how we are different from others. Also shared my opinions on why we work together, as community. Then, I gave them a brief of the event and instructed them, how to do activity around the group!

After that, everyone started discussing in groups about different things around Firefox. Which keeps them to use Firefox and which annoys them while using Firefox!

Woman participation was also worth noticing!

While they were discussing things, I approached to them to listen their inputs.

In the meantime, I talked to people about changes in Firefox in Windows 10 and why they should use Firefox in Windows 10. I also demonstrated the way to make it default.

After that, we ended the event with a group photo!

You may love to see other pictures from this event in Flickr.

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