Mozilla Awareness Program @ Daffodil International University

When everyone was organizing events in support of Firefox for Windows 10 Campaign, Asif Mahmud Shuvo approached me to help him to organize a Mozilla Awareness Program @ Daffodil International University! As I was well planned to organize few events for the campaign, I planned to support his initiative and help him with the event!

He invited his university students to learn more about recent changes in Firefox and know the latest changes. After his approaches, many students joined the event inspite of being exam day! At first, he started talking about his Firefox Club and the role of the club for organizing this kind of events!

He also started to talk about Open Source Community and involvement opportunity for everyone! In Spite of having exams that day, they seems to enjoy the talk stated from Shuvo. They were listening what was he saying.

During his session, few people asked him some questions regarding Firefox and some issues happening with Firefox. He tried to reply them, and told the way to solve the issues.

I then came forward and talked a bit about FIrefox and changes of it over the years. I also talked about Firefox for Windows 10 and how it have changed the experience a lot! I showed, how to set Firefox as default!

Thus we ended the event. We were not able to have the group photo, sadly. For more pictures, please visit the Flickr.

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