Mozilla Awareness Program @ East West University

To ensure Internet as a global public resource and to make it open and accessible to all,  Mozilla is working very hard worldwide. Mozilla has started a lots of campaign to spread this words. To raise awareness about Mozilla and it’s mission, I have organized many events last year. The feedbacks of those events were pretty awesome.

Among them one of the event was “Mozilla Awareness Program @ East West University” which was organized at East West University with the help of some awesome passionate mozillians of East West University Firefox Club(Firefox@EWU).

The event started with the club lead, Sayed Mohammad Amir’s Introductory speech about Mozilla’s mission. He discussed about the Mozilla’s history. He also showed the blog site of our local Mozilla community and other Mozilla sites.

After him, another mozillian, Mohammad Maruf Islam stepped in and started talk with participants. He asked them about Mozilla and what do they know about mozilla’s mission. It was surprising that all of them knew Mozilla just as a browser and nothing else. Then , he told them about mozilla’s various campaigns and contribution pathways to keep our web open and free for all. He also told them that just like us many volunteers around world are working hard with Mozilla to spread this word.

After Maruf’s awesome session, another cool mozillian Md. Ehsanul Hassan started to interact with the participants of the event. He asked them how they are feeling about this event.I must say that his sense humor is really awesome. Then, he started to share his contribution history, how he started with Firefox Student Ambassador program and what is his role in this community as a volunteer.

After Ehsan, One of this club’s passionate Womoz, Fahmida Noor started to share her contribution story with the participants. She also told them that how can they start volunteering with the Mozilla community. She also answered few questions of the participants about Womoz.

After Fahmida’s wonderful session, another active Womoz of East West University Firefox Club started her session. She also shared her story. She told all participants as many participants were girl, to come forward to make the internet a better place and girls are always welcomed by Mozilla community.

After everyone’s session, I told them how to get connected with us and also how we can help each other by getting involved with Mozilla Community. I went to all participants to ask about this event and their feedback I got was pretty awesome. They really appreciated us about this awareness event.I gave some swags to distribute among the participants.

At the end of the event we took a group photo. It was really a good organized event and I really appreciate the organizers of East West University Firefox Club for organizing such a good “Awareness Program”. I want to give thanks each and everyone who participated in this event. Thanks a lot guys.

For more pictures of this event, please visit Flickr Album.

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