Mozilla Awareness Program @ Mymensingh Polytechnic Institute

Talking about Mozilla, is somehow a dream for all the mozillians, specially for me, when I get the opportunity to talk about Mozilla in a new place and in front of new people. Because, you can see their eyes which were keenly looking for more info, something not defined to only “Mozilla Firefox Browser”, Something more than that!

A few days ago, I was asked by one of my fellow mozillian Nazir Ahmed Sabbir asked me, if it is possible to host a event on Mymensingh Polytechnic Institute. I was curious, from whom we are getting support as it is quite far from the city. Our two mozillians from the institute, Sajedul Islam and Mir Maruf hasan Hridoy was highly interested to share more thing about Mozilla into their institute!

So, After consulting with few community members, and with the help of the Chief Instructor of Computer Institute of MPI, we managed all the needful thing for the event. I along with Nazir Ahmed SabbirRezaul Huque NayeemMd. Rahimul Islam went to the event venue after a journey of almost 4 hours! Going there, we found a huge number of students were present to participate the event!

At the very beginning, I started to talk about Mozilla and it’s mission. Like all other places, student thought, we were there to teach about features in Firefox! Tried to talk about Mozilla, as a community and it’s mission to protect the web.

I was talking to infront of almost 120 students. They were keenly listening to my talks attentively. Looked like, they were gulping everything that I was sharing with them!

When I was busy talking, Nazir Ahmed SabbirRezaul Huque Nayeem were helping me by changing sites, showing slides. Md. Rahimul Islam was distributing swags in the meantime!

It’s been almost 3 hours now, but still they were sitting still! They were asking many interesting questions like More about Mozilla’s products, Firefox OS and so on. The questions were really good to hear!

As it was almost lunch time, I shortened the session time, and started to talking about Firefox On Windows 10. Talked about changes in Firefox specially made for Windows 10!After that, we took few questions from students. After that, we invited all the students to come up and have a group picture. Thus, the event ended!

While returning, we had faced huge traffic, which made all of us to reach our home at late night and no one had gone home before 12.15 AM. I would like to thank all the mozillians, for their help to make the event success!

Reps Event Page :

All the pictures of the event is on Flickr!

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