Mozilla Awareness Program @ South East University

Talking to people about Mozilla and it’s mission is always attracts me. When Razoana Sultana approached me to host a Mozilla Awareness Program @ South East University, I could not deny, rather I was looking forward to the event and the output. There was a Firefox Club in the university from a long ago but it was the first activity that was happening in the university.

SAM_7964At the begining, I started talking about Mozilla and the mission behind Mozilla and all the community is connected around.


The event was full of people. I was really amazed by the number of people presented their and their eagerness in the event.

After that, Khalid Syfullah talked about Webmaker and Firefox OS. He shared his knowledge on why we started thinking about Webmaker and why started working on Firefox OS. After that, he also shared his thought about MDN.


After Khalid Syfullah, another awesome Mozillian Mashkawat Ahsan came forward and shared his experience in Mozilla Community and inspire other people. His presence inspired a lot of people.


As he was graduated from this same university, People were highly influenced after his talk. and from the begining till end, Meraj Kazi helped us to facilitate the event.


And we received lots of questions and the queue of questions was huge. we tried to answer as much as we could. The event ended with a group photo!


More pictures of the event can be found at Flickr.

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