Stepping Down and Stepping Up!

I started my contributions at Mozilla back in 2014. Back then, the place used to be an awesome place. I still can remember that day, while being an outsider of the community, I was welcomed by the SuMo contributors, during a SuMo L10n sprint.


Motivated by the people, Later that year, I explored many Mozilla projects which was also great because everywhere I found many awesome people who helped me along way! I learned, I was curated and every time my activities were mentored to make it more better.

Later in June 2014, I came to know about QA. At First, everything was going over my head but I started to spend time over and over which helped me to learn the process and fun around it. At the very begining, I was accepted as an Mozilla Reps. And around that, the only thing with which I was mostly connected was QA. I thought to start revamping QA in Bangladesh. That thought came to a reality with the help of staffs from different parts of Mozilla QA.


With no one around to help with QA, I had no idea how this event might go on or how I can go with this big number of people. But this was managed awesomely as the people was keenly interested to learn QA.

Next few months, I started to nurture the participant of the first ever QA event happened in Bangladesh “QA Marathon, Dhaka”. and as a result a good number of people as contributor who showed up again and again to help. To train them more, I invited them to an exclusive contributor only event “Train the Contributors”.


Around the next few months, I along with the Contributors planned activities for rest of the year, which will bring more people, more impact around the project, so we can get more hand with us. For the rest of the year’s timeframe, We promoted QA in many campuses via social media, organized many hackathons to encourage people to contribute in Mozilla projects. In the meantime, the existing contributors turned into a more Core part within Mozilla QA and Bangladesh community.


The core people of the community helped me to build the community, shape it strongly and creating the structure that helped the community to survive, to create continuous impact, to make contributions that helps the community.

I can proudly say, we are the only thing, that is happening in Bangladesh and I was successfully leading all the thing as all the community members helped me to lead. They helped to plan, evaluate the planning, execute and reporting – they did everything. Contributors are the proud creators for every success, that happened with Mozilla QA Bangladesh and I just lead them with their efforts.

Around the community, we loved each other. We helped each other. and the most thing, we trusted each other. This could make us, what we were at the end of 2015!


If you ask me something, what makes you proud on something? I would say, I could create happiness inside the contributor. I could make them happy, with Community’s love. I couldn’t think anything without them, as I was connected with the community in every part, periodically and fully.

Being an Community Leader, I always thought about people in or around my community. I never reacted to things, that can harm my community. I wanted this to be a safer place, a place that is free from politics like the existing community in my country. I always wanted to be a leader with everyone’s support, never tried to be an ruler or autocrat. Maybe, that’s why I received an overwhelming love from everyone around the community.

But from the begining, till now, the existing autocrat community got jealous in many steps and tried to hurt me in many ways. All the time, people around me helped me to stay calm and stay focus. And I was always successful till this date. I guess, I am still a man with flesh and meat. So, I couldn’t tolerate what was happening with me.

Yesterday, Someone attacked me with my personal character which hurt me a lot. I lost my anger and talked in a rough way with him. I couldn’t realized what I was doing. But, when I did, it was very late. I forgot that I am a community Leader, who is a role model to a larger number of audience. That made me realize, I am no longer eligible to become a community leader, not anymore.

That’s why I am writing this blog, to let everyone know that I am stepping down from my role in the Community, Mozilla QA Bangladesh Community. As the behaviour of my existing autocrat community hurt me much and for that, I lost my anger, I do not have the courage to lead the community more.

I created this community myself and I can never forgive myself if I hurt the community anyway. So, this is better for me, for everyone else in the community. My stepping down from my role won’t hurt the community much, as I will still be working as a Mozillian, as a QA Contributor and obviously a QA Community Mentor. I will help the community with all my passion and heart and with everything that is needed.

I will be working more closely to transition the leadership position of myself to the core people of the community, so that they can lead the community. I will take part in decision making roles till my ongoing 2 plans – Mozilla QA: Contributor Engaging Tour, Bangladesh and Mozilla QA Bangladesh Community Meetup. After that, I will be always around as a mozillians.

As I Believe, Once a Mozillian, Always a Mozillian!


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